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Guest’s review

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Check out the atmosphere…! Really nicer than most, exceptional, food and very fairly priced menu, salads from 40k $2 dollars ! ! ! , 10 small but fantastic deserts ALL AT 21K (1$) & affordable lunch entrees. Fine tasteful atmosphere (FAR better than most, esp. on the 1st floor) and normal offerings that aren’t crazy priced… with nice entrees from 75k… I loved this place! Sure, there’s room for improvement but for just starting out they’re doing a great job. Kabobs which were great and other canapés ! the wines (the cab was jug at best, but the Chardonnay was great, even being from the same vintner — live ‘n learn!?),And the choice of 5 sauces on steaks and other was well done.The atmosphere made me feel like I was in a trendy NY Soho or San Francisco gastropub. I REALLY enjoyed my time with you there.My steak was perfect! For FOOD and PRICE POINT and irrelevant I know but for the ARCHITECTURE … you already far surpass many in Hanoi and Tay Ho places at 2+ the price.


Guillaume S

Pour moi, c’est de loin le meilleur restaurant à hanoi. Leur cuisine fusion est un vrai régale et le tout pour des prix vraiment abordable.
L’ambiance et le design vintage rende le repas encore plus agréable.
Le service est efficace et attentif, mais peut être améliorer
A tester impérativement: les scones. Juste merveilleux. Et je pense que c est le seul resto à hanoi à proposer des scone. Yuuuuummmiiiii!!!
De plus j’ai pu parlé à la propriétaire, qui parle français parfaitement avec un bon accent suisse hahaha.
A conseillé sans modération.


i love Nhà’s design. i love Nhà’s atmosphere. :) It;s make me feel like home. Whenever I don’t know where should I go? I think about Nhà as my second home.

Pia Pompel

Pia Pompel

The coffee/restaurant ist one of the best i has found in Hanoi. The prices for the food and the drinks are good. Also the food is really tasty and the drink choice ist varied. One you should try the mandarin juice and the winterhouse. The service is in contrast to other coffees/restaurants quick, friendly and very obliging! Besides, the coffee/restaurant offers a place to take a break and relaxing in the middle of the hectic city Hanoi. Just to recommend!!!
Vic Vic ng


I visited Nha 9nkc on a rainy day by randomly picking up. Located in a small street, Nha was quiet, nice, warm and cozy. Nha gave a me a great feeling on such a rainy day, made me feel better. The atmosphere was friendly, the drink was good, the food was a bit expensive but very value for money… Love it.

an bui

An Bui

Definitely coming back to enjoy the drink and food over some good books :) See you very soon

Le Thuy Tien

Best place to go on a rainy day :)

Gian Tran

Great place with great staff ♥

May Nguyen

Warm and fuzzy place to enjoy coffee meals!
Nice interior decor and even food setting.
Lovely flowers and nice cinnamon smells!
Definite comeback and highly recommend!

Kilian schwieters

Great design, great staff, great food! So it’s definitely a new favorite place! See you soon again!

Thu Thuy Nguyen

I’m addicted to Nhà’s delicious drink with cinnamon orange peel =p~